2018 Barnyard Brawl Champions

Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22

Mutton Bustin’

1st place Evan Spaulding, Bozeman, MT

2nd place Hughston Johnson, Belgrade, MT

3rd place Bennet Bowles, Belgrade, MT

4th place Liam Haggerty, Bozeman, MT

5th place Gunther Ulrich, Bozeman, MT

Calf Scramble


1st place

Gallatin Twisters-B, Three Forks, MT: Sophia Botz, Calla Donnelly, Erica Knappenberger, and Elsa Austin

2nd place

Mountain Men, Belgrade, MT: Sage Smart, Lane Smart, Ryan Baeth, and Will Baeth

3rd place

Gallatin Twister-A, Three Forks, MT: Cora Baeth, Erica Berger, Hannah Botz, and Halle Taylor


1st place

Gallatin Twisters, Three Forks: Brooke Biers, Isabel Amundson, Grace Donnelly, and Te’a Love

Chicken Chase


1st place Bridger Fountaine

2nd place Sequioa Shurtoff

3rd place Caleb Fountaine

4th place Jake Brown & Orson Caze

5th place Lauren Schwarz


1st place Wyatt Sapp

2nd place Ethan Ferro

3rd place Violet Donnelly

4th place Madison Oostema

5th place Douglas Fountaine